Echelon aquires Lumewave - Press Release
  • Networking your outdoor lighting with Lumewave gives you not only the additional savings of advanced controls, but also the ability to monitor your system performance, manage it for peak savings and receive automatic notification of fixture malfunction or failure. Find out more.
  • Lumewave's wireless, web based remote control and monitoring of street lights can save energy, enhance public safety, reduce light pollution, provide valuable M&V information, and fixture health reporting to municipalities, states and other users. Find out more.
  • Lumewave products used wirelessly with LED and eHID fixtures are ideal for saving energy, reducing light pollution and enhancing public safety especially in and around large educational or business campus parking, sidewalk and other outdoor areas. Find out more.
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San Francisco Selects Lumewave for Wireless Streetlight Control System Pilot Project
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Lumewave, Inc. | Simply Wireless

We’re witnessing the transformation of outdoor lighting. In the next 10 years virtually all outdoor lighting will be replaced with newer, more efficient lighting technologies like LED, induction or plasma.

The big question is will they include controls? All this new lighting is 100% controllable and controls should be a part of the solutions. The result is additional savings gained during nighttime hours. 

More importantly, when these new lighting technologies are used with Lumewave’s peer to peer communication modules and motion detectors, the public safety is greatly enhanced by insuring that people have enough light where they need it, when they need it.

Lumewave’s wireless control and monitoring system for outdoor lighting can economically bring these benefits
to your new lighting conversion.